Bricks 4 Kidz Kid Lego Day Camp
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Bricks 4 Kidz

Our Bricks 4 Kidz Day Camp in Las Vegas provides a safe, relaxed and a fantastic creative learning environment everyday! Initiative is invited and self expression is celebrated! The Day Camp is designed to provide opportunities for problem solving while building models. We believe this will help kids speed up their problem solving skills but also give them more appreciation for how things work. All this takes place during the day camp while kids are having not only having fun but also sharing & socializing in a friendly non competitive atmosphere.

Our Goals for during Bricks 4 Kidz Day Camp are as follows.

  • Introduce kids to engineering and architecture principles
  • Explore maths and science
  • Increase general knowledge through discussions related to each model the kids make during camp
  • Develop social skills such as patience, teamwork and communication
  • Enhance the children’s self-esteem by solving problems and completing projects
  • Teach kids to be more organized and following directions
  • Foster an appreciation for how things work
Lego Day Camp Las Vegas
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