Vegas Kids Winter Camp

Winter Camp for Kids in Las Vegas

Winter Camp for Kids in Las Vegas

Las Vegas Indoor Soccer to the rescue with its yearly Winter Camp for kids. Drop your kids off at 9:00 am and they play games all day!! Kids can play soccer, basketball, dodge ball, kick ball, freeze tag and other fun games and activities. Our coaches keep the kids entertained and organised into groups and teams throughout the day to keep the camp running smoothly. We understand it can be tough getting time off from work, especially over the holidays, baby sitters and day cares can get expensive so we’re here to help.

To register for our winter kids camp you can call 702-233-3600 or register online

Our Winter Camp for Kids will be running on the following days

  • December 19th 2016
  • December 20th 2016
  • December 21st 2016
  • December 22nd 2016
  • December 23rd 2016


  • December 26th 2016
  • December 27th 2016
  • December 28th 2016
  • December 29th 2016
  • December 30th 2016